Cyprus Citizenship by Investment with Prospectacy

Once you have discovered the many benefits to owning a company in Cyprus, we encourage you to go one step further.  Consider becoming a Cyprus citizen by investment.  If it sounds too good to be true, let us tell you that it is not.  Certainly, there are specifics that must be adhered to in becoming a Cypriot citizen and we can help you apply for citizenship.  You should realize that being a citizen of Cyprus by investment, has many positive aspects for your business, should you choose to pursue this avenue.

Let us walk you through a few of them.  You are probably already aware of the facts such as that Cyprus is situated between Asia, Africa and Europe and has visa-free travel to over 150 other countries.  It is also a modern country that can boast of its superior health care system, and the educational opportunities are quite broad.  What you may not know is that all nationalities are eligible to explore citizenship by investment in Cyprus.  For some people, this is a means to obtaining a European citizenship that is simpler than most other countries and may even seem easier than the standard “hoops to go through” in comparison.  Another plus to the geographic location of the country is the easy mobility to many other areas with many travel options.  Whether by vehicle, railway, boat or plane, business owners who wish to become a Cyprus citizen by investment, will find themselves in a smooth situation, to travel for their business pursuits.

We at Prospectacy will go one step further and explain why becoming a citizen of Cyprus through investment is overwhelmingly appealing.  As a company owner, you may have dual citizenship from your country of birth or naturalization, along with being a Cyprus citizen.  This can expedite many corporate situations in your favor.  Cyprus offers excellent worldwide connections, so you never feel as if you are locked into a small or remote place.  The world is at your feet there.  Because of the free movement of goods and services and free trade within the EU, you have less limitations on your company and its business practices, than you would if you were an “outsider”.

Cyprus citizenship by investment also offers stability and security within the country.  This is quite a feat in today’s fast moving and unsure world.  With digital hackers and physical threats to your company, this is surely an unparalleled benefit.  It is prudent to invest your business in a place where safety is paramount, and not just a hope.  Last, but not least, Cyprus citizenship by investment includes financial privacy.  Not only for your investment portfolio, but also for your banking transactions.  Think of it as a “new-world Switzerland”, for the safe keeping of your financial interests.  As many first-rate countries can attest, this kind of privacy is disappearing in many ways.  If your financial security is abundantly important to you, it is not easy to dismiss this unique opportunity.   Let us assist you with any questions you may have regarding Cyprus citizenship by investment, and help to put your mind at ease.

The Government of Cyprus is extremely interested in bringing overseas investment into the country. Several pathways and incentives has been set up with goal of encouraging investors to obtain residence or Cyprus citizenship by investment.

The Details of the Cyprys Citizenship by Investment Program

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program grants full Cyprus citizenship and all the rights that come with it for those who invest at least €2.5 million in a qualifying investment (as well as a few other conditions). As a Cyprus citizen, qualifying investor would be entitled to live, work and/or study in any of the 28 countries in the European Union.

However, obtaining Cyprus citizenship by investment is never really ‘simple’. There are a few critical steps which you must take and conditions you must fulfill in order to be granted citizenship, even after the investment is made. For example:

  • You will need to have a legitimate passport before you begin the process
  • You will be asked to document the source and origin of the funds to be invested
  • You must not have any criminal record, and be able to document that fact
  • The applicants whose property is ordered to be frozen inside the boundaries of the EU are ineligible for citizenship by investment
  • Certain application fees must be paid

Only certain investment opportunities qualify one for the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program. These investments include:

  • Government Bonds – candidates should make an investment of at least €5 million in Cypriot government bonds. In addition, investors are required to maintain the purchased bonds for at least three years.
  • Financial assets of Cypriot companies or organizations (Cyprus company formation)
  • Real estate, land development and infrastructure projects
  • Purchase, creation, or participation in one or more Cypriot businesses or companies
  • Deposit of the qualifying funds in a Cypriot bank
  • Mixed investments
  • Numerous other options, which Prospectacy will be happy to explore with you