When you are considering investing, planning, and managing your personal wealth portfolio, Prospectacy LTD can do it all. We cater not only to the individual person or small business, but our professional team can handle international corporate business as well. Whether you are looking for office, legal or financial services, our company has plenty of expertise in each one of these, and in any combination of them and more. We want you to feel that all your business needs will receive the quality of care as if you were doing it yourself. We operate on focusing on the specific needs of our clients, as if they were all billion-dollar businesses.

Why Us

Our proficiency includes personal and corporate taxation issues, property management, trust and inheritance planning and implementation, and many corporate services that can help you run your business, even internationally. Prospectacy LTD is located in Cyprus and can guide you into full citizenship, should you so wish. Our proficiency runs from the most mundane business, legal and financial tasks to the more complex, sophisticated and detailed aspects of them. We can also help you obtain gaming licenses in Curacao, Cyprus and Malta. If you are looking for one firm with the knowledge and professionalism that offers complete services, look no further than Prospectacy LTD. Let our “BEST” serve you!