Business Relocation Services

Regardless of whether the decision to relocate your business is made for economic or socio-political reasons, Prospectacy can serve your business needs with all required services. Through relocation services, our clients have the opportunity to take a quick and agile approach for accessing all benefits that can be obtained by relocating to Cyprus.

Cyprus offers the lowest corporate income taxes in the EU; the exemption for dividend participation from tax on profits; and the no withholding tax or the no succession taxes. This makes Cyprus one of the most ideal destinations for business relocation.

Migrating into new countries can be challenging and overwhelming not only from a cultural perspective but also from navigating variations in legislations, tax and employment laws to financial regulations. Prospectacy has a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to cover all aspects of migrating and setting up a new office for your business in Cyprus. With proactiveness and bespoke solutions, issues and challenges can be identified and dealt with using various actions upfront by the dedicated team appointed to you, in order for your business to save time and costs so that core business needs are met.

Prospectacy’s highly qualified and experienced team will design a bespoke relocation process that meets your business needs, while providing an end-to-end back office support system including a variety of corporate, legal and financial services, ensuring that all the processes and procedures are compliant with the laws and regulations of Cyprus.

Owing to Prospectacy’s long term-experience in relocating services comprising of a vast number of clients, and in conjunction with the great understanding of the local market, Prospectacy ensures efficiency, safety and success.